Tuesday, October 29, 2013

To Live Passionately

I have words on my heart,... thoughts.. ideas.. excitement just stirring. My soul is screaming out with all the things I want to be, accomplish do and see. How can I communicate ALL that I want to do into a statement of purpose? How do I choose a platform that contains the wide spectrum of goals I have for myself and my life? And the bigger question is, how can I do it all??
I think the best place to start is to write it all out- everything I want to do and be and experience. So here goes!
1. To live a life dedicated to service to others.
2. To travel the world and always stay hungry for adventure.
3. To grow spiritually, continuously grow in my faith, and be the proof of God's love every day.
4. Challenge myself in ways that help me learn and grow as an individual.
5. Unconditionally love my friends and family and always make them feel special and important.
6. Love my husbund (to be) and our family (to be) with all my heart, and empower them to love others and above all be followers of Christ.
7. Share my love for fitness and nutrition, always stay active, challenge my body and strive for a healthy balance in life.
8. To live passionately in all that I do, and uplift others through positivity and encouragement.

Lets LIVE this LIFE!!!!!