Thursday, October 4, 2012

Takin' the Train to Maine

Bonus Post!

Whats this? Two posts in two consecutive days? Thats right!

More New England goodness to share with you!

Before moving to Boston, the only place on the East Coast I had ever visited was North Carolina (which actually can't be compared to Boston or the Northeast at all because they are so completely different) So anywhere outside the city all the way out to..well the midwest.. is completely new to me. I had seen advertisements on the T for "taking the train to Maine" and thought that with Mom here for the week, it would be a perfect opportunity to see a new part of the U.S. that neither of us had seen before ( I love how everything is so close out here, just a two and a half hour train ride takes you to Portland, Maine)!

We were really excited, hoping to see lots of fall colors in the trees, eat some lobster and take in the sites of the Harbor and city of Portland. We were a bit early for seeing much change in the trees around the actual city, but on the train ride we saw beautiful orange, yellow and red trees whiz by as most of the ride was through the forest.

The day was a perfect crisp fall day and we had so much fun exploring Old Port and its shops, restaurants,  cafes and other random stores. I tried Lobster for the very FIRST time and I was very surprised at how good it was! (Iv'e never really been a fish/crab/seafood person!)

Great trip to top off the week! SO happy my mom could make the long flights cross country to come visit me!

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