Thursday, January 31, 2013

New York Minute

It was only the night before we left for New York that we had firmly decided "Hey lets go to New York!" We found a great discount on a hotel in Times Square along with a bus line that offered a 15$ fare each way to the Big Apple, instantly booked them and before we knew it, our bags were packed and the next morning we were off to New York!!

Now with 36 hours total in the City, I had made a short list of things I wanted to see: Times Square, Central Park, The Empire State Building, The 9/11 memorial. I didn't have expectations to even get to them all, I was just happy that we were actually going and anything we saw or did would be a bonus.

But let me tell you...  I was blown away by all the things we were able to see and do in such a short time period! It was the most perfect 36 hour newbie-to- New-York-trip I could have asked for.

It was a perfectly sunny, and WARM start in Times Square. I say warm..but I mean warm for two kids living up in arctic Boston-it was actually about 45 degrees and it pretty much felt like we were on a tropical vacation!

Times Square, we made it!

Brandon and I were bummed this was the only day with no Phantom of the Opera show... one of our all time favorites.

Olive Garden in the Square..fancy!

He loves it

Out front of the Museum of Natural History with Teddy

30 rock! do do do dooo do do do dooo (singing the song)

30 rock Ice Rink

Central Station

NY Public Library (doin some iPad book readin')

CRAZY.. just bumped into Brandon's friends from college in LA walking on the HiLine.. it truly is a small world!

9/11 memorial

A quick run down of what we were able to see:

-Times Square
-Central Park
-Museum of Natural History (well...just the lobby because it was closing, but still notable!)
-Radio City Music Hall
-30 Rockefeller Center and the Ice Rink
- An off Broadway show called "The Fantastiks"
-Central Station
- The Empire State Building (didn't go to the top because it was overcast)
-Madison Square Garden
- New York Public Library
- Hi Line Park
- Chelsea Market
-9/11 Memorial
- Chinatown

Let's go back in the spring!!!


  1. WOW,.. there's a REESE's PIECES T-shirt?!? I want it!!!

    London has rubbish boring chocolates.. hehe


  2. I absolutely adore New York! There is no way you can not have fun in that city!