Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Muscles and Meat

This morning I woke up to a couple inches of fluffy, cold, wet snow- beautiful but irritating I tell ya!
At this point I feel like I have had enough! Enough mother nature! Bring on spring with its flowers, and blue skies, and chirping birds and green trees!

So after I took a moment to judge the condition of the sidewalks (unshoveled) and the roads (unplowed) I decided to skip the run and try to get a quick workout done in the comfort of my own living room. Sit-ups, pushups- you know the old school stuff we all did prior to things like insanity and p90x. I actually got quite the workout in! Focusing on slow repetitions that cause your muscles to feel like they are reallllly burning! Thanks to the book and concepts from " The Four Hour Body" that Brandon brought to my attention I am learning how to use " the minimum effective dose" in order to cut down on time spent in the gym and maximize those muscle producing results! (More on that in a later post)

It has been what seems like an impossible goal for me to add some muscle and tone to my body- honestly probably the result of lack of focus and time I have put in to strength training- I have always downplayed the importance of the role solid muscle plays in the life of a distance runner. So this is a new beginning for me- on a quest to "beef up"(haha!) with the hopes of seeing improvements as a runner and all around athlete! I have even been convinced to swap SOME of my broccoli and asparagus and other delectable veggies for lean cuts of meats such as chicken, beef, and fish! Not that I have ever been against meat... It just wasn't my thing! And I hate to admit it... I love a good burger or pork chop now! That's right folks, Meg is a meat eater!

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