Monday, September 17, 2012

Boston loves runners + weekend highlights

I couldn't have found myself in a more runner-friendly city than here in Boston! You can imagine how thrilled I was on my first time run to scope out the area when I found that just a half mile journey south takes you straight to the bay! A sidewalk known as "Harborwalk" wraps around on the edge of the beaches and takes you out on a causeway and to Castle Island, an old army Fort that many people go to have picnics, toss around a frisbee, or just sit and enjoy the views of sailboats and cruise ships as they sail by. As you might expect, I have been in runner-girl heaven being this close to such an awesome trail that I can take advantage of every day!

Morning on the Harbor

Harborwalk in South Boston

Castle Island- Fort Independence

I still have much organizing and arranging to do in my room and this weekend I took some time trying to strategize on where to store certain things as I don't have that much storage space. It might be an ongoing project for awhile but it is coming along very nicely and overall I am extremely pleased with the layout and feel of my new place! Photos coming soon!

Everyone keeps saying how phenomenal the weather has been lately for Boston and I couldn't agree more! I also hear that we better enjoy it before the bitterly cold winter starts to rear its ugly head and every chance I get to be outside, I jump on the opportunity! On Sunday, Brandon and I went to church early at Park Street Church downtown, and afterward headed to Chinatown for some Dim Sum for lunch. We also did a little exploring and found a couple of interesting stores including this one that sells DVD's and goldfish. We are on the hunt for a Bonsai tree, but have yet to find one!


Should I get these Naiki headphones?

Brandon is working so very hard and is studying, reading and memorizing, at every chance he gets (besides the few hours I steal him for a few hours here and there during week to go eat or get groceries and give his brain a chance to breathe!). I am so proud of him and amazed by his dedication to the material and this program!

After leaving Chinatown, Brandon went back to Cambridge to study and attend a tutoring session, and I decided that I would go on a long run- to explore even farther past Castle Island and to immerse myself in the perfect 73 degree afternoon! I continued on past the island and along the marina where the cargo and cruise ships port, through the financial district and all the way past the Boston Aquarium touching the sign signifying the start of the Historic North end of Boston and then back again!
Painting on the side of a building in the Financial District
Seaport area crossing back into the city

I'm Halfway!

I'm done!! 13.6 miles!
What a perfect weekend! Thanks Boston!

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