Monday, September 24, 2012



This is the chemical formula for Dichromate, and all I can really tell you about it is that it has a negative charge, and its one of the important compounds to know in Chemistry. I am becoming (somewhat) familiar with the basics of the Periodic Table as I have become the official index card holder and quizzer of chemical formulas, acids, and bases. Its fun to become a little more familiar with a subject I last studied as a senior in high school. What can I say..I love to learn! If someone came up to me randomly on the street now and demanded that I tell them the formula for Dichromate, I could rattle it off no problem at all. However, if I had to tell you its significance...well... thats another story!

Brandon is now fully engulfed in all things physics, chemistry and biology as he spends so many hard working hours in the library, studying in groups, attending labs and tutoring sessions. This past week was a huge one as he worked so extremely hard to finish physics problem sets due on Thursday as well as stay on top of all the new material and not get behind in the other classes. I just have to say how proud of B I am, and how much I admire him for not only committing and giving his all to this program, but for staying positive and showing his excitement even as the hours get long and frustrations set in. 

I don't get to see Brandon much at all (if anything maybe a lunch scheduled in-between a morning and afternoon study session) during the weeks, so its so exciting to spend an afternoon or night out on the weekend together! This weekend was a real treat as we caught a Red Sox game on Friday, Dim Sum lunch on Saturday AND date night dinner Saturday night. I am pretty much the luckiest girl in the world, even with all the deadlines and homework and readings to be done, Brandon still finds time for me. I can't tell you how much this means to me, it makes all the time that I can't see or talk to him well worth it. Especially when I know all this is the start of him following his dream.
Friday night at Fenway!

Sundays we have been attending Park Street Church in downtown Boston, and with Brandon's schedule its most convenient (albeit early) to catch the 8:30 service before his afternoon tutoring session. Its been hard for me to find another church that I really like as much as Church of the Resurrection back in Kansas City. Pastor Adam Hamilton is phenomenal and I really enjoy all of his sermons because they are relevant, meaningful and its easy to apply his message to my life. This week we decided to log on to the webcast of church back home, and it was really great to listen in again. B has a projector in his room which allowed us to watch it "on the big screen" aka his one blank wall. I was even treated to the musical guitar talents of Brandon himself before service!The church is starting a great sermon series starting called "Responding to God's Invitation with Power and Grace". Great start to my week!


 It's officially fall and time to break out the cardigans and boots and soak in all the beautiful crisp cool days. I am so excited for the leaves to start changing! I hope you like foliage photos because I am sure I will have lots to share!

First official day of Fall in Cambridge

This week should be another great week! Run club around the Esplanade tonight followed by taco night with the roomie and Mom is coming tomorrow night! Can't wait! 

Until next time, Ciao!

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