Monday, November 18, 2013

It's not about me

Exercise, fitness, nutrition- are these all things just part of a selfish pursuit to happiness?

When we choose to eat better, join a gym and take on the battle of the bulge- we do it because we want to look good. We want to fit into our skinny jeans and be able to say "I did it!"... "I challenged myself and I did it!.. and I lost weight and feel good and LOOK good!"

Most people have no problem with the selfishness of it all. Eating right and exercising will keep us healthy, will give us more energy, and lengthen our lifespans. No one would argue that's a bad thing, right?
For a long time now, living a healthy lifestyle has been rooted in some form of selfishness on my part. Yes I want to feel good, yes I want to have more energy and tackle challenging fitness goals, and yes I want to take pride in my body. And it's only as of recently I realized that as much as I LOVE a good run by the river or sweaty session at the gym, and as much energy and joy and sense of accomplishment is left with me after a workout.... something is still missing.

I really had been struggling to come to terms with the fact that something that seems to be rooted in vanity is actually my passion and the thing I get most excited about every day when I wake up. And yes, for many it may be about vanity-but for me it is so much more that what I look like or how fast I run, or how much weight I can bench press.(haha, funny, I know- the amount of weight I can personally bench press is not one to toot my own horn over)

I once had read an article written by a woman who had given away a special piece of jewelry she owned to an orphan on a mission trip she had taken to South America. She had realized that having possessions wasn't as fulfilling as using those possessions in order to love others. That had really resonated with me but at the time I didn't know it could also be applied to my love for healthy living.

All the sudden it really made sense. The joy I get from my passion does not reach its full potential if I can't share it with others! I would love nothing more but to replicate and pass on my love for running, fitness and nutrition, and use my knowledge and experiences gained from my journey to bless other people. Therein lies the unselfish answer to speaking out for my passion.

I understand there is a lot more to life than vegetables, sit-ups and 5k's but for me- all my experiences every single day are so deeply enhanced by the balance I have attained through eating right and exercising. These things have formed the foundation for moving forward and doing good in all other facets of my life, and I want to share that with my friends, family, and even those of you I don't know!

So now: onto to spreading the joy of a healthy lifestyle both near and far!!!!!


  1. Absolutely. Sharing your passion with others makes it real. If something lights us up inside, we should share that joy with the people we care about.

  2. Totally true - it is important to remember that we cannot be the best we can be for others until we are the best person we can be for ourselves.

    So as a husband and father, by eating healthy, doing things in moderation, watching my weight and exercising regularly I have the best health, attitude, energy and outlook to be the best person I can to my wife and teenage boys!