Monday, November 4, 2013

Life on paper

There is a sort of excitement stirring today and to be quite honest- I can't tell you why.
I often feel as if I have this greater purpose that I am right on the cusp of discovering. My heart and soul are being prepped for something big. The hard part of it is just waiting to know what exactly that means.This is not one of those things you can force, so I will sit here patiently waiting and watching and listening and soaking in the euphoric feeling of knowing something really cool is on the horizon.
On another note- I really enjoy writing and reflecting and making observations through words on paper (er..or computer?) Not that I am the next Ernest Hemingway by any means but I do think there is something about sharing my life story through this creative outlet of writing that is so appealing to me. After all life is just a series of stories strewn together back to back to back. In all hopes of creating a story that people want to read, I am going to do my best to write my little thoughts here. No matter how big or small the audience-or if for nothing else than to have something to read when I get older and to reminisce on how amazing and full of adventure my life has been.

So here's to a life full of curiosity, adventure, and a whole lotta' love.



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