Monday, June 10, 2013

Babes in Bibs

It's no secret that I Looooooove to run. 

Even though, yes, I do run..a lot..and can run far distances.. most (um..more like all) of my miles come from safe, predictable wonderful paved surfaces. No mess involved, no unstable ground, just good ole fashioned flat ground.

When a friend invited me to do a trail run- my first reaction was... dirt roads? rolling hills? I am not sure I am cut out for this! But even with this feelings of doubt, I really wanted to see what this whole trail run thing was about!

Now... the weekend of the race and the few days before just happened to be full of rain- cold cold rain- making the course VERY muddy. I figured there would be mud, but I had no idea how much until we arrived that morning at the Pine Trails 25k race. SO MUCH MUD!


I think I may be a trail run convert.

 Before we met the mud

 We were having way too much fun

 All done!

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