Friday, June 21, 2013


I was trying to think of a really clever title for this post, but I think there is no better way to put it, but to scream it out "We're engaged!!!" (I feel like many random moments I feel the urge coming on to just excitably burst out in song and dance about it!)

I had been anxiously anticipating this weekend for weeks prior: a trip back to Kansas City and then down to our favorite lake in Missouri: Tablerock Lake. I hadn't been back to Kansas since we left for Boston last August and I couldn't wait to get back to see Brandon's family, our friends, and get down to our favorite lake for a few days of relaxation!

Little did I know what the weekend really had in store for me! 

Brandon was extremely sneaky and had hid his plan so well for the past two months that I had absolutely no idea what was in store up until the moment he went down to one knee and pulled out that special red box with my BEAUTIFUL ring inside.

(Although, looking back, I now see I should have suspected something was up when he woke me up around 6:30 AM to show me around Big Cedar Lodge- the resort we were staying at- and a place Brandon and his family had been coming for years growing up. I am always an early riser and I actually enjoy getting up .... Brandon on the other hand typically has to be physically dragged out of bed or enticed with the smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven.)

However, it WAS Father's Day and since he told me we were having breakfast early at one of the nice restaurants at the resort, I figured that it would be fun to do some exploring before meeting the family to eat.
We walked around a little bit, as Brandon showed me several of his favorite spots as and convinced me to hike up to the main lodge that looked over the entire lake to see the morning view of Tablerock.

The whole time we were walking around, Brandon had been filming parts of our walk with his GoPro camera.. The boys had been using it all weekend to film anything and everything- and were still testing it out and seeing all that it could again, it didn't cross my mind that this filming he was doing was out of the ordinary.

We reached the deck of the lodge and admired the beautiful colors of the sun peeking through the clouds onto the lake in shades of pink and purple. Brandon set the camera down and suggested we try to find the cabin we were staying in from where we were on the deck. He pointed across the edge of the lake and stated he thought we were staying on that side- I knew this was incorrect immediately and was insistent that we were in fact on the opposite corner of his prediction. This was the perfect distraction for him to be able to get the box out of his pocket without me noticing because I was set on proving my idea correct!

I turned to him after making my argument of the cabin location and he went down to one knee, box in hand, and asked me the most wonderful question I had ever been asked in my entire life

and I said
And now I get to marry the love of my life!

Brandon did such an amazing job, I was COMPLETELY surprised, and had no idea he was proposing. I think it took a few days to actually set in what had happened and I am just so thrilled to now call him my fiancé as we start to plan the wedding and our lives together!

Who would have thought... 
I met a boy in studying abroad in Italy two years ago who would turn out to be the man of my dreams, and now my future husband!

Love you B

P.S. lots more photos from the weekend to come!



  2. Such a special day! Great post!